Because nothing is as good as healthy feels!

Embracing the beauty of outdoors with exciting fitness sessions that are sure to restore and rejuvenate! Located along the coastline of Byron Bay, we offer enjoyable & challenging group fitness and personal training sessions that are aimed to not only reach but exceed your health and fitness goals!

We create tailored packages to suit our client’s goals and needs with a positive, refreshing and personal approach, taking pride in being part of your fitness journey.



‘Your body is the one vessel you get to live this life in…

Nurture it and it will reward you!’ — Sami




Our Philosophy

Two highly motivated, qualified and insured Sister Trainers!

Our sessions are aimed to improve the health and well-being of each client and our local community through enjoyable, engaging yet challenging fitness programs that are motivating and addictive! Our outdoor sessions are specifically tailored to suit each individual with no two sessions being the same. Guaranteed to keep you interested and motivated to succeed and become your personal best yet! 

Outdoor training sessions are held in the most striking part of the World… Byron Bay as the magic colours of sunrise or sunset meet the horizon boosting feelings of accomplishment and positivity with others but most importantly for yourself! All exercises, tried and tested by Trainers themselves.



Life really can be as peachy as you make it!